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Huffs' home
This is what the blizzard of 2004 did to our house..
This picture was taken on Christmas Eve, the day after...
Rich's DVDs:My DVD collection (mostly SciFi)
 Text DVD list (no graphics)
Rich's Mannheim Steamroller CDs:Mannheim Steamroller CDs (ones I have and ones I want)
Rich's web sites:www.HuffsPlace.com you are here!
 www.huffsplace.com/family/ coming soon: Huff family genealogy information
 www.JavaSources.com my passion for Java (programming)
 www.JavaConstructor.com my latest computer consulting site
 www.SafeSecureHost.com my secure web hosting business
 www.SafeSecureMail.com my secure web mail business
Emma's Strawberry Pie Recipe:StrawBerryPie.txt Emma's world famous strawberry pie recipe
Rich's Hawaiian Cheese Cake Recipe:HawaiianCheeseCake.txt Rich's yummy "Hawaiian" Cheese Cake recipe

Eric's DVD Wish List

Lince the cat Lince the cat
Meet our contented little cat, Lince (pronounced leen-say, Spanish for Bobcat or Lynx)

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